Storage boxen

Relocating or in need of extra space?

Sometimes, one requires a bit of additional room, especially during the interim period between selling your old home and buying a new one. For short or extended periods of storing (part of) your household items during a relocation, De Jong Verhuizingen provides storage boxes in various sizes. This ensures there's always an appropriate size for your valuable possessions. These storage boxes are suitable for storing furniture, as well as the most delicate items in your household, such as vases and paintings.

Well protected storage

Our staff ensures the proper protection of your valuable belongings. Using moving blankets and other protective packing materials, they make sure nothing gets damaged.

By placing the storage boxes in a dust-free warehouse with climate control and an up-to-date alarm system, your items remain in good condition and securely stored. In addition to comprehensive insurance covering fire and theft, we naturally have the necessary preventive measures. Everything is done to preserve your belongings with the utmost care until the moment you need them again.

The boxes are maneuverable with a forklift, making them easy to load into our moving vans, which can deliver your belongings back to you in good condition. Our skilled movers then unpack your items from the storage boxes and place them where you desire. This way, you avoid heavy lifting, and your items remain insured until everything is in its place.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of household storage? Feel free to contact us at +31514 591362 or request a quote.

Storage boxen