About Us

Are you looking for a company that guarantees a carefree removal? De Jong Verhuizingen is your partner for all sorts of removals and furniture storage in the Netherlands and abroad.

The recognised removers from De Jong Verhuizingen annually move more than a thousand individuals and eighty companies throughout the Netherlands and Europe!

Since 1916, De Jong Verhuizingen has been acting as a family business in the world of removals. De Jong Verhuizingen has specialised knowledge of practically every field. Throughout those hundred years, always one thing stayed the same: delivering a stress-free moving day that leaves the customer feeling satisfied!

Every day, De Jong Verhuizingen works for individuals, healthcare facilities, (semi) government agencies and reputable companies, especially from the north of the Netherlands. De Jong Verhuizingen's basic principles are quality and efficiency at a competitive rate. 

Do you want a stress-free removal too? Don't hesitate to contact us.