Elderly moves

In recent years, De Jong Verhuizingen has increasingly focused on senior en elderly relocations. Due to the aging population, there is a growing number of elderly individuals. De Jong Verhuizingen recognizes that this demographic requires a bit more care and attention.

Senior relocations: Easing all your concerns

For many seniors, relocating to an independent living residence or nursing home becomes inevitable at some point. Such moves are often emotionally challenging, both for the seniors themselves and for their children, who must bid farewell to the family home. During this period, De Jong Verhuizingen alleviates many concerns by attentive listening, thorough discussions, and focusing on the right priorities.

Contact person for senior relocations

Peter de Jong serves as the contact person for our senior relocations department. As the owner of De Jong Verhuizingen, he oversees the entire relocation process.

Additional services for senior relocations encompass a range of offerings, from hanging paintings, lamps, and curtains to furniture placement. We also provide comprehensive relocation services, including packing and unpacking, administrative assistance, and cleaning services.

Would you like more information about senior removals? Feel free to contact us via +31 (0)514 591362 or request a quotation.

Elderly moves