Full-service relocation

As a recognised removal company from the province of Friesland, the Netherlands, we offer full-service removals to our customers. That means that you outsource your removal entirely: from packing the very first removal box to hanging the very last painting. See below what a full-service removal consists of and in what order.

Before the removal

  • Extensive initial consultation;
  • All-inclusive quotation;
  • Substantive discussions about the household goods to be removed, after the order is made;
  • First contact with the property manager of the new home. This is usually the case with nursing homes and institutions for assisted living;
  • Coordination of removal date and removal wishes (of the receiving party).

During the removal

  • Finding accommodation for the occupant(s)/customer(s) with a relative/acquaintance;
  • Packing boxes with the contents to be moved;
  • Sealing valuable furniture;
  • Transporting all of the household items to the new place;
  • Full-service: unpacking the removal boxes and assembling furniture;
  • Taking the occupant(s) ‘home’ to their completely decorated new place of residence.

After the removal

  • Sending old and/or redundant household items to charitable organisations;
  • Removing and disposing of carpet/laminate from the old home;
  • Cleaning the old home thoroughly;
  • Delivering the old home to the landlord or estate agent for the notarial transfer.

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In addition to the packing service, we can also give you peace of mind with our:

Full-service relocation