Full-service relocation

As a recognized relocation company based in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands, we provide comprehensive full-service relocations to our clients. This means that you can entrust your entire relocation process to us, starting from packing the first box to hanging the last painting. Below, you can find an overview of what a full-service relocation includes and the sequence of activities.

Before the relocation

  • In-depth initial consultation
  • All-inclusive quotation
  • Detailed discussions about the household items to be relocated, following the order confirmation
  • Initial contact with the property manager of the new residence, typically relevant for nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Coordination of the relocation date and relocation preferences of the receiving party

During the relocation

  • Arranging temporary accommodation for the occupant(s)/customer(s) with a relative or acquaintance
  • Packing boxes with the contents to be moved
  • Securing valuable furniture
  • Transporting all household items to the new location
  • Full-service: unpacking the moving boxes and assembling furniture
  • Escorting the occupant(s) to their fully furnished new place of residence

After the relocation

  • Donating old or redundant household items to charitable organizations
  • Removing and disposing of carpets/laminate from the old residence
  • Thoroughly cleaning the old residence
  • Handing over the old residence to the landlord or real estate agent for the notarial transfer

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In addition to our packing service, we can also provide peace of mind with our:

Full-service relocation
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