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Are you planning to relocate? Opt for a seamless moving experience! Our approach involves excellence in every sense of the word, extensive experience spanning many years, and a team of seasoned professionals who excel in both the literal and figurative aspects of various relocation scenarios. This commitment extends beyond the moving day and encompasses the entire relocation process.

Additionally, if you require storage solutions, we offer secure storage facilities and storage boxes to meet your needs.

Our wealth of experience and expertise ensures top-notch quality.

A well-structured timetable is crucial for any relocation, and that's precisely what we guarantee when we take on your project. You can rely on us, thanks to our skilled staff and an array of advanced relocation tools.

Your possessions are safe and sound in the hands of De Jong Verhuizingen. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to every relocation need and budget. Whether you engage us solely for your large furniture items or for your entire move.

We can even manage your complete relocation. With our all-inclusive relocations, De Jong Verhuizingen will oversee the entire relocation journey, from packing and unpacking your belongings to disassembling and reassembling your beds and wardrobes.

To ensure the optimal organization of your relocation, our relocation advisor will visit you in advance to provide a personalized quote.

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