Are there costs associated with a quote?

How long in advance should I request a quote?

  • It is advisable to request a quote for your move six to ten weeks in advance. This increases the chances of securing your preferred date. 

What is the cost of a move?

  • This is a frequently asked question that is not easy to answer. Each household differs in size and vulnerability. A complete move ranges between €680,- and €2.000,-

What other services do you offer besides moving?

As a recognized mover, we offer additional services alongside moving, such as:

Consult our extra services page for more information. For a comprehensive overview, you can also refer to our website.

Preparing for the move

How much time in advance should I book my move?

  • You are wise to indicate your preferred date at least three weeks before the moving date. The earlier you do this, the greater the chance that it will be available. In the case of an urgent move, we always strive to find a suitable solution for you.

When should I start packing the moving boxes if I am doing it myself?

  • We recommend ordering the moving boxes at least four weeks before the move and starting with the packing of items you do not use daily. This allows you enough time to sort thoroughly alongside packing.

Is my household goods insured during the move?

  • Your household goods are insured for at least €100,000 on the day of the move. If your household goods have a higher value, you can inform us, and we will adjust the insurance accordingly.

How long does a move take?

  • The duration of the move depends on the volume of your household goods and your moving preferences. In most cases, moves can be completed within one moving day.

Do I need to apply for a parking permit for the moving truck?

  • In the major cities of the Netherlands, a parking permit must be requested for moving within the city center. As an additional service, we can apply for a parking permit for you. The costs of the permit itself are not included in the moving price as they vary per city. Your personal moving advisor will discuss this with you during the assessment interview.

How many parking spaces need to be reserved for the moving truck on the moving day?

  • It is advisable to keep the reserved/parking spaces free one or two days before the moving day for parking the moving truck and, if necessary, the moving lift. We prefer to park the moving truck as close as possible to your front door or building entrance. If your move involves the building's elevator, we recommend informing the caretaker and/or fellow residents about your move in advance.

What items should I pack?

  • You can choose to have our experienced movers pack your moving boxes. If you prefer to do it yourself, you will receive a checklist with handy packing tips upon confirmation of your move.

What should I do with items that do not fit in a moving box?

  • We advise you to leave all lamps, paintings, mirrors, etc., that do not fit in a moving box hanging on the walls. On the day of the move, we will remove these items from the wall and pack them.

How should I pack my clothes, including hanging clothes?

  • On the moving day, we bring wardrobe boxes for all your hanging clothes. Our movers will hang your clothes in these special boxes on the day of the move. For folded clothes, you can use regular moving boxes.

The Moving Day(s)                   

How do you protect my household goods and belongings on the moving day?

  • Large furniture items are wrapped in moving blankets and sealed from the departure location to the destination. This makes damage to the item and doors and walls impossible. Fragile items are packed with wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Hanging wardrobes are packed in special wardrobe boxes and moved while hanging. In addition, all mattresses are packed in mattress covers. If necessary, we have special boxes for moving lighting/chandeliers.

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How and when should the moving fee be paid?

  • After the move, you will receive an invoice by email, which you may settle within the specified payment term. For international moves, you will receive the invoice well before the loading date and it must be paid before the loading date.

Do I need to be present on the moving day?

  • No, it's not necessary. If you have indicated this during the intake, the entire move will be organized so that all your household goods are placed in the correct locations in your new home. Your personal moving advisor will discuss this thoroughly with you during the initial conversation.

Storing Household Goods                  

Is my household goods insured during the storage period?

  • You are required to insure the goods stored with us yourself. We recommend providing your household insurance provider with our address as your new address. If that's not possible, you can arrange insurance through us. The premium is 0.3% per year of the value of the items you have stored with us.

Is my household goods secured in the storage facility?

  • The storage spaces are equipped with a fire alarm system, and necessary firefighting equipment is available.

Are my household goods stored in a heated space?

  • Certainly. Your household goods are stored in special containers in a heated warehouse.

Do I have access to my household goods while they are in storage?

  • It is possible to prepare your container for you if you wish to access it. As this process takes some time, we kindly ask you to notify us well in advance before you plan to visit.

What is a storage agreement?

  • When you decide to store your household goods with us, you trust that we handle your belongings with care. Naturally, we want to ensure this is well-organized for you! By drafting a storage agreement, it is clearly defined that, as a moving company, we do everything possible to store your household goods properly and safely.

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Post-Move Care

What to do with the empty moving boxes after the move?

  • Once you have unpacked all the boxes after the move, you can send an email with your preferred pickup dates to verhuisdozen@dejongverhuizingen.com. Six weeks after the moving day, we assume that you wish to keep the boxes, and we will send you an invoice for this.

Are my moving expenses deductible in my tax return?

  • Compensations for moving expenses generally fall under income, but a tax-exempt compensation can be provided for moving expenses if the move is related to employment. It is advisable to contact the Tax Authorities or your accountant if you are moving closer to your workplace.

Where can I report any damages?

  • Our movers handle your household goods with the utmost care. If, however, damage occurs, you must report it within two weeks via the email address info@dejongverhuizingen.com. We will contact you immediately to resolve the damage.

Pay attention to the following conditions with an accredited mover

  • When you pack the moving boxes yourself, the items in these boxes are not insured unless the box is damaged due to the mover's actions (damage to the box). Plants are not insured during the move. Electronic equipment is also not insured if there is no observable damage to the exterior.

For more information on this, you can consult the website of accredited movers.