A carefree relocation

Are you moving? It's a new step, whether it's an exciting venture in life or the conclusion of a period. Often, the least enjoyable part is the hassle and bustle surrounding the actual move. We're here to take that burden off your shoulders!

Our extensive experience in various relocation situations ensures that we know how to handle it. Naturally, with the utmost attention and care for your belongings. This applies to the entire process, from preparation to the move itself. We ensure a carefree relocation!

A suitable solution for every relocation

A well-thought-out plan is pivotal for a successful relocation, and we're more than happy to take charge of that for you. Our adept team comes equipped with a diverse range of relocation tools.

De Jong Verhuizingen not only attends to your personal needs but also handles your possessions with the utmost care. Whether it's the heavyweight furniture or an entire household move, we offer tailored solutions for every relocation, accommodating every budget.

Taking over the entire process is also an option. We call this a full-service relocation. With this service, we truly take care of everything, from packing all items to hanging the last paintings on the wall. You only pack your personal belongings, as if you were going on vacation. We also take care of your old home, from getting it ready for delivery to the notarial transfer.

To understand your wishes and facilitate good preparation, our relocation advisor will visit you beforehand. With your preferences in mind, we'll provide you with a personalized quote.

Want more information? Or do you have other questions? Feel free to contact us.