Moving to Norway

Specialist in relocations from and to Norway 

Are you planning to move to Norway? De Jong Verhuizingen is here to assist you in your relocation. Emigrating involves numerous tasks, and outsourcing your relocation can be invaluable. Beyond the physical move, there are various aspects to consider, such as completing customs paperwork and potentially arranging furniture storage. With extensive experience in international relocations, particularly to and from Scandinavia, De Jong Verhuizingen is well-equipped to handle your move.

Effortless relocations to Norway

Moving to a new country is a significant change that often requires a substantial investment of time and energy. De Jong Verhuizingen is here to alleviate your concerns about your relocation and related tasks. Throughout the process, you will have a dedicated contact person. Your relocation advisor remains available to address any questions you may have and ensures you are consistently informed.

Cost-effective relocations to Norway

Frequent travels to various locations in Norway allow us to offer competitive transportation rates. By consolidating multiple trips, we pass this advantage on to you, resulting in immediate cost savings for your relocation to Norway.

The Scandinavia specialist

Our drivers navigate Scandinavia year-round, possessing unparalleled familiarity with these countries. Well-prepared to handle the sometimes harsh weather conditions in Sweden, Norway,  Finland and Denmark, our drivers and lorries are equipped with heating, snow tires, and snow chains.

Would you like to learn more about relocations to Norway? Feel free to contact us. We would like to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities. You can also immediately request a quotation without obligation.

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