Moving company in the Netherlands

Moving soon and looking for a professional moving company in the Netherlands? You're in the right place. The certified movers of De Jong Verhuizingen relocate over a thousand individuals and more than eighty companies annually. We operate throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Our movers have years of experience and know how to handle the entire moving process. They not only assist during the move but also provide guidance throughout the entire moving period. Whether it's just your large household items or a full-service move, our craftsmen are ready to help.

Advantages of certified movers

Opting for certified movers for your relocation comes with several benefits.

  • Your (valuable) belongings are in safe hands
  • Fully customized move according to your wishes
  • A professional, expert, and friendly moving team
  • Save a lot of time and energy
  • Fully insured household contents
  • Moving guarantee
  • Member of an independent disputes committee
  • Clear agreements (terms and conditions drawn up with the Consumers' Association)
  • Warranty on your down payment
  • A stress-free moving day


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Additional services?

You can rely on us for everything related to your move. Do you want to make use of additional services alongside the move? That's possible! You can count on us for:

Operating predominantly from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, De Jong specializes in relocations across Europe. With a wealth of experience, our dedicated team ensures seamless and stress-free moves, delivering top-notch service for individuals and businesses alike.