Moving and Storage

In the period between selling your old home and buying your new home, the storage of your household goods can be invaluable. For example, if you've already sold your old home before you've found a new one, or if you can't move into your new home yet. Also if you go abroad for a long time, your furniture can be stored by De Jong Verhuizingen.

Furniture storage

We can pick up your things or you can bring them yourself. If you choose to let us handle this, our professionals will pack your possessions into storage boxes (10 m³; 105 sq. ft.) or storage containers (33 m³; 355 sq. ft.). Our removal team uses removal blankets and various packaging materials for packing your household items. The furniture storage boxes and containers are located in an air-conditioned and dust-free warehouse. This warehouse is protected against fire and burglary thanks to a modern alarm system.

When you're ready, we place the containers in the removal van with a forklift, so we can bring all your belongings directly from the storage containers into your new home. Then, they will be neatly placed in the right spot, so you can arrange your home immediately as you wish.

Would you like more information about the possibilities of furniture storage? Feel free to contact us via +31 (0)514 591362 or request a quotation.

Moving and Storage