Furniture storage

Are you moving and looking in need of storage? Are you moving and need a place for your household items, either temporarily or long-term? Or is there a lack of space for your business items? We have various storage spaces in Friesland and the surrounding areas. All your belongings are welcome at one of our secured storage locations!

Self-storage or Pick-up service

You can choose to have us pick up your items, or you can bring them yourself. Prefer to leave it to us? No problem! Our staff will come to you to carefully load everything into containers. While packing, we ensure that everything is securely wrapped, minimizing the risk of damage to almost zero. 

Storage containers

Are you moving or do you need temporary storage? We recommend using our 'storage containers.' We deliver and fill the containers on-site, and they can be fully unloaded at one of our storage locations. When the time comes to bring your belongings to your new home, we'll deliver your household items just as we picked them up originally."

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Prices for self-loading the container and unloading the household items:

  • Storing a container at our secure outdoor location is €99 per month.
  • The collection and delivery of a container cost €599 per transaction*.

Price: complete package including loading and unloading of household items

  • Storing a container at our secure outdoor location is €99 per month or €25 per week.
  • The collection and delivery of a container cost €599 per transaction*.

Price on request for loading and unloading the household items. This depends on the number of cubic meters.
All the above prices are exclusive of VAT.

There is no need for interim loading and unloading, saving you a lot of money and time!

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*This rate applies to a travel distance of up to one hour from our location in Balk.

Companies & individuals

Both companies and individuals benefit from our storage service. Based on our experiences, here are some examples of our customers:

Storage for businesses

  • Seasonal fluctuations: Are you dependent on seasonal peaks? Many businesses store their additional inventory with us for this reason.
  • New premises or renovation: Getting a new location or undergoing renovation? Temporary storage is one of our popular services.
  • Entrepreneurs or freelancers without a fixed location: We often see freelancers storing their tools and other equipment with us when they don't have a permanent location.
  • Archiving and business administration: Storing archives and business records. This is mandatory, and we also keep track of the retention periods for your archives!

Self storage voor je inboedel in Friesland

Storage for individuals

  • Downsizing: Individuals moving to smaller residences often store their surplus furniture for an extended period.
  • Moving without immediate access to the new home: If you're moving but can't enter your new home yet, we'll come over and temporarily store your belongings.
  • Home renovation: Temporary furniture storage is an option when you're renovating.
  • World trip, international adventure, or internship: For those embarking on a world trip, international adventure, or internship, a reliable storage space is invaluable.
  • Room rental: Many people nowadays rent a room in their house, like on Airbnb. To free up space, they often choose to store their belongings elsewhere.

Why store your belongings with De Jong Verhuizingen?

  • No fixed or long-term contracts.
  • Personal care and direct contact.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Self-service or pick-up option.
  • Climate-controlled and dust-free storage warehouse.
  • Secured storage locations with alarm and burglary prevention.
  • Various locations in the northern part of the country.

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Do you want to know more? Contact one of our employees for free and without obligation.

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Furniture storage