Moving to Sweden

Specialist in relocations to Sweden

Many tasks require attention during an emigration. Outsourcing your move can be invaluable in such situations. De Jong Verhuizingen is delighted to assist you with your relocation to Sweden.

In addition to the actual move, various arrangements need to be made, including paperwork and potentially storage for your household items. De Jong Verhuizingen boasts over 100 years of experience in relocations within the Netherlands and abroad. We have successfully conducted moves to Sweden for many years, earning the satisfaction of numerous customers.

Our professionals are well-versed in navigating narrow and hilly roads, as well as tackling the sometimes harsh weather conditions. All our lorries are equipped with a heating system, snow tires and snow chains for one sole purpose: ensuring the safe delivery of your valuable belongings.

Trouble-free removals to Sweden

De Jong Verhuizingen can take away your worries before and during your removal.  As a family company, the personal guidance of your emigration is of great importance to us. During the course of this undertaking, we are always at your service for a quick adaptation in the case of possible changes in the planning.

Cheap removals to Sweden

We frequently drive our lorries to Sweden and consequently, we can combine multiple trips. Naturally, this creates an advantage and we can offer this advantage to you. In this way, your removal to Sweden leads to an immediate profit.

Would you like to know more about relocations to Sweden? Feel free to contact us.We would like to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities. You can also immediately request a quotation without obligation.

Moving to Sweden
Would you like to know more about relocations to Sweden?